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    ARMA 2 لعبة جامدة جداً

    مدير العام
    مدير العام

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    ARMA 2 is a tactical shooter with significant vehicle and aircraft elements. The player is able to command AI squad members which adds a real-time tactics element to the game. This is further enhanced by introduction of the high command system, which allows the player to command multiple squads using the map. ARMA 2 is set primarily in the fictional Eastern European nation of Chernarus, (meaning “Black Russia”). The Chernarus landscape is based heavily on the Czech Republic, the home country of the developer. The original Operation Flashpoint (OFP) was developed by Bohemia Interactive Studios (who own the Real Virtuality engine) and published by Codemasters (who own the Operation Flashpoint brand). ArmA and ARMA 2 are the true technological successors to OFP. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is Codemasters’

    independently-developed ’sequel.’



    مصمم محترف
    مصمم محترف

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    مصمم متحمس
    مصمم متحمس

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    مصمم نشيط
    مصمم نشيط

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    مشكوووووووووووووووووووور وتيحاتي.....

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